Cat eyes so beautiful, they'll have you floating like a butterfly.  It's entirely your prerogative, however, if you wanna sting like a bee while you're wearing them.


No one would dare challenge that beauty.  You're obviously a knockout – nothing technical about it.  And I don't mean a ten-time heavyweight champion knock-out.  You don't have to be a referee to call it, either.  Sure, all that fierceness you're rockin' certainly packs enough punch to earn you that title (and without having to bite any ears off to get it, either), but's it not about using force.  What's that old saying?  “The sunglasses are mightier than the sword”?  Something like that?  Eh, I might be a little bit off – idioms were never my forté.  Nevertheless, Undisputed (and even Hello Mojo) is about love, not war.

Even still, love takes strength.  Hello Mojo knows plenty about both; so, we threw all our love into designing Undisputed and created a strong brow line with a thick black rim, accented with a fine gold line across the tops of the ultramarine blue-tinted lenses.  Not to mention the classic cat-eye shape which is forever in style, evoking a confidence through its grace; simultaneously delicate and bold.  These shades have all the fashion muscle of a bodybuilder flipping a tractor tire across a football field in the middle of a thunderstorm while wearing a three-piece suit by Giorgio Armani.  Fashion.  Muscle.

Plus, Undisputed is practically like wearing a championship belt on your face... only they're less bulky and you can see through them, so that's an extra bonus.  And if you really think about it, you'd look a little ridiculous wearing a belt draped over your eyes.  So honestly, Undisputed is your only option if you're looking to announce your greatness to the world.  Although, technically, you could go the George Foreman route and get yourself a grill, but those are big and bulky and they get really hot, so I wouldn't suggest putting one of those in your mouth.  Plus, I'm pretty sure at some point George said he's not liable for people trying to use his grill as an actual grill... clearly, he's had problems with this before.  Anyway, we're definitely getting off-topic now.  Time to focus.

And when I need to focus, I usually put on my glasses.  No, I don't need prescription glasses.  I put on sunglasses.  They make me feel better about myself and I can think more clearly.  It's seriously an excellent method for harnessing your creative and cognitive thinking skills.  That sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn't it?  Well, you don't have to believe me, but I highly suggest it.  Tell you what, you grab yourself a pair of Undisputed sunglasses and the next time you need to focus on something – either for work, or school, or figuring out how to frame that next Instagram photo juuust right – you put those bad boys on and tell me you don't think better with them on your face.  Trust me.  They don't call me the Undisputed Champion of Intense Focus While Wearing Sunglasses for nothing, you know.

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