Cat Eye Banks

Hello Mojo

They're not called Cat Eye for nothing – bring out your inner feline... or even your inner Goddess.

We all know the story of the Frog Prince – some annoying royal fellow throws shade at a notoriously cranky witch (because that's a brilliant thing to do! #sarcasm) who then turns him into a frog until he is kissed by a princess – but what happens when a Princess mouths off to a witch? You may not be surprised to know that legends from all around the world say that cats are ancient, enchanted princesses. Now, as tempting as living as a cute and cuddly cat can be (I mean, if you get fat, you just get cuter! What girl doesn't want that?) there are downsides, like hairballs, litter boxes, and toddlers (always tugging on your majestic tail, just begging for a face scratching). All things considered, getting sassy with a witch might not be the best way to get your very own cat eyes, Princess, so why save yourself some trouble? Treat yourself, and just buy them! You're a modern princess, and you don't need a witch (or a Prince for that matter) to give you your happily ever after; all you need is a fresh pair of Hello Mojo’s Cat Eye Banks sunglasses (and plenty of shade).

Forming that pointed cat eye is pale gold, pulled into a fine tip over gradient tinted lenses.  With delicate arms and a thin, padded nose bridge, it's obvious that our design was heavily influenced by a feline look.  And feline inspired fashion has always been a staple for the fiercely fashionable for good reason. Cats and their mysterious, pointy eyes have captured the hearts and minds of people in countries and cultures across the globe. There was even a time when cats were actually worshipped in countries all around the world, and be honest, don't you think you deserve at least as many props as a cat? Your eyes are twice as lovely! In Scandinavia, the goddess Freyja was said to ride in a chariot pulled by cats (I guess horses were in short supply or something), and so the people would leave offerings on their lands for Freyja's cats. The Roman goddess Diana often chose the form of a cat, because, if you're gonna be anything, you might as well be a cat.  And the Peruvian fertility god Ai Apaec would assume the form of a Tom Cat before engaging in some Peruvian mischief – hey, fellas, cat’s eyes aren't just for the ladies after all, be bold (like Ai Apaec) and try them out, you may be surprised!

In ancient China, there was a commonly held belief that cats actually ruled the world (just like you will rule the world of fashion in these shades), the cat deity Li Shou was believed to ward off the veil spirits, and the cat is still used as a symbol for evoking good luck; In ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped as gods, and it was commonly believed that cats eyes captured the glow of the Sun each evening, keeping its warmth and light safe until morning. You heard that right; your shiny new frames from Hello Mojo will let you harness the power of the sun, from the comfort of your own face. *

*Disclaimer: Hello Mojo sunglasses DO NOT actually harness the power of the sun.

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