YS 24

Hello Mojo

The perfect sunglasses for almost any occasion. 

Let's face it; ninjas are cool. And if you're like me, you aspire to one day rise above the likes of the common folk and become one of the elite – one who moves among the shadows and breathes with the wind. One who has mastered the art of the Bokken, the Fukiya, the Shuriken, and that kick-ass wall climbing thing they do. One who could totally kill you with a single touch, like the Vulcan nerve pinch, but doesn't really feel like it right now, so they'll probably just let you live.

Or, you know, maybe I'll just dress as one for Hallowe'en.

In any case, I've got to tell you, if you're looking to do any sort of training to achieve your ninja goals, or to attend any ninja schools, you're gonna need to put the YS 24s down. You can definitely wear them in your spare time (and who wouldn't?), but YS 24 + ninja life skills = no go, partner.

I mean, sure, with the cushioned nose pads, they'll sit comfortably on your face while sparring with your master, learning all it takes to hone your reflexes and move like a cat in the night. And, yeah, they'll be mighty helpful for shading your eyes from the rising sun when you're sitting on top of that raging waterfall, harnessing your inner peace through deep meditation. Because not only does the tinted black gradient offer UV protection, but it gives you that sweet Johnny Cage bad-ass look. But we can't lie to ourselves – Johnny Cage is no ninja. And at that crucial moment, after all of your hard training, and you've learned everything your master can teach you; you've been assigned your mark, and you're finally taking your ninja school exams (because they have those); when you're sitting in the shadows ready to attack your target, they'll see the glint off your sunglasses, light just touching the gold wire frames and you'll be boned. The element of surprise is gone. You have failed. You looked good while it happened, but you failed. 

And how do I know all these things, you ask? Because you are not the first to think you could possibly go to Ninja University (or NU as it's known informally) wearing these sick shades. No, my young would-be apprentice. Many YS 24-wearing aspirants have come before you, seeking entrance into the world of ninjadom, and those who came before you have fallen to the same fate. So, you are not the first, and you will not be the last. It's okay, there's no need to beat yourself up about it. Frankly, it's understandable. If you're trying to make a career move into something this amazing, why wouldn't you want to look as impressive and mind-blowingly attractive as possible? YS 24 are, of course, the best option for fulfilling this very purpose. But heed my warnings, and heed them well: YS 24s are not for ninjaing purposes.

They are, however, great for looking really, really awesome.

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