About us


Sunglasses for Every Face.

Once upon a time, Hello Mojo was only a dream. The dream that everyone everywhere would be able to find sunglasses that could perfectly fit their face and make them as beautiful as they felt. Sunglasses that not only fit, but were stylish, unique, and sexy. Sounds impossible, right? We thought so too, at first. But we persisted.


We studied face shapes and fashion and proportion. We made sure our buyers attended the most elite fashion academies, design institutes, and sunglass-making schools the world had to offer (those are real, we swear). We sent them on corporate retreats and spa getaways to help them find their inner peace so that they could discover the ultimate vision of glamour, style, and refinement uniquely tailored for every possible consumer. And then we just said, screw it, and started asking people what they wanted. Turns out inner peace is kind of overrated. We should have just been asking people from the start; it seemed to work pretty well for us.


We heard a variety of requests, but no matter which shape the face was that asked us to procure stunning sunglasses, we took notes. We found sunglasses for round faces; for heart-shaped faces; for oval faces; and for wider faces. We're equal-opportunity suggestion takers. So when we heard the love coming in for classic designs like cat eye, aviators, round-style, and the retro square-shaped sunglasses, we quickly added them to our growing list of must-have stock. But some asked us for more. Some wanted unique brow lines, delicate rims, and gradient or opalescent lenses; and to them we replied, We are Hello Mojo! We have your brow lines, rims, and gradients! You want a refined trim with metallic tinted lenses? We got you covered*. Maybe you're looking for a bold, unapologetic aviator with lenses so mirrored you can see a reflection of your reflection when you look in the mirror. Reflection-ception! Done and done – just for you*!


We prize our glasses, bold and proud as they are, on their ability to build mystique and that ever-elusive “cool factor” – one of the main components in the attraction of potential life mates, as scientifically proven through various biological experiments conducted by our professionals in a controlled environment. Most importantly, we offer sunglasses that showcase the wearer's personality; that complement rather than overpower. They add symmetry and structure to the face, regardless of shape; bestow allure and magnetism where previously lacking (those of us with RBF need help controlling that sometimes). They denote opulence and shine with magnificence whether you're dressed to the nines and hitting the town or making a quick trip to the store in your sweats and runners (hey, we don't judge).


Bottom line, whatever your style, whatever your aesthetic, whatever your... face? Whatever. We're here for you. That's our mission statement. Only, you know, stated a little more mission-y. It's our goal and our pleasure to offer sunglasses that satisfy your style, aesthetic, and yes, even your face.